Picture Stories


Trains are not only means of transportation. Train stations and trains build their very own microcosms, where travelers often experience amazing, funny and beautiful moments. MOVE shows you some of them.

Mumbai, India

are the food couriers who have been an integral part of Mumbai’s streetscape for more than 100 years. They deliver between 175,000 and 200,000 meals to offices, shops and train stations every day. Demand for their services is on the rise too. A clever system of letters, numbers and colours ensures each meal reaches the proper recipient. And it works (almost) perfectly: recent research has revealed that only one meal gets lost for every 16,000,000 deliveries.

Stockholm, Sweden

can be found underneath the Swedish capital. More than 90 of the city’s 110 metro stations are adorned with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs created by over 150 artists. The bedrock in the Rådhuset station has been left exposed and unsculptured, appearing to be a natural cave, while other stations feature archaeological excavations or are decorated with mural reliefs. For the price of a metro ticket, you can take a guided tour of up to five stations.

New York City, USA

This is the title chosen by photographer Stephen Mallon for his series of photos documenting the final journey of retired New York subway cars. For the past ten years, the city has been sinking such old cars into the sea, not far from the coast – after they have been completely gutted, of course. The metal frames form artificial reefs, which offer a new habitat for fish and marine life. This way, the subway cars not only provide decades of environmentally friendly mobility, but continue supporting the fragile ecosystem on the seabed along the US East Coast.